Sunday, January 13, 2013

Luxury Watch

We are so used to our hands or legs that so long they are okay we don’t really realize their value. But when any of them is damaged by some accident; we know how indispensable they are! So the watch we wrap in our wrist or the shoes we wear in our feet. We are equally used to them as if they are as natural as where we fasten them. Imagine the plight when your watch is not ticking or you are walking bare footed.
Here we are going to discuss about the watch. In our world we all use watch for common need, which is time. But various watches offer various other features too; like date, temperature or some of them serve as compass as well. They are of various price bands and designs. Amongst them few stand apart. They are designer luxury watch. Using them will put you apart from the crowd. Do you know; when you own a designer luxury watch, you may be only on the earth to own such a watch with such features and design. This itself is a matter of pride. If you gift someone you love with such a precious item; you express the feeling you have for him or her. What is unique!
Well these are the facts that motivate us to go for designer luxury watch. They are governed by heart no doubt. Besides them there are other factors too. Watches keep time but with passing time it loses its value. 99 per cent watches that are used have little or no re-sale value. Luxury watches are like ornamental collections; since they are made of gold or silver and have precious stones embedded on it. Its value increases with time and in long term it may have antique value too. So it’s an investment as well.


Friday, November 23, 2012

Easy Online Loans

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Unfriendly Indian TV Channels


Watching TV serials in the evening; is most favourite pass-time perhaps all over the world. When TV was yet to become household source of entertainment here (India) ; we heard about soap-operas becoming popular;  where Television permeated the drawing rooms. Obviously they were popular in foreign lands. We used to hear of them from various magazines. I still remember Kabir Bedi, becoming popular with Italian TV and audiences. Do you know long before we became familiar with TV; Pakistan had matured TV channels. I remember watching Lahore TV; sitting at UN camps in Indo-Pak border areas. In early 70s of last century; I watched quiz shows produced by Polka Ice-cream and that was quite popular show of Lahore TV. It took decades to present such programs here in India. However during the early days of  Durodarshan; ‘Humlog’  the unending serial ruled the roost for long. Then came a period when Durdharshan produced few best serials like ‘Buniyad’, ‘Tamash’ and many more.

 With the wind of globalization; number of TV channels mushroomed. And with huge consumer market and potentiality of TVs  for marketing


almost anything. And that is what exactly emphatically done by our TV channels here. There is no guidelines for telecast here. Watching TV is worse experience here due to frequents commercial breaks; such complaints are common with NRIs. They watch the TV at the country they come from and get surprised watching ‘STAR’ or other international channels telecast with over dose of advertisements and frequency of commercial breaks! Keep afar the local or regional channels. Again poor Indian consumers (read TV watchers) are deprived of their rights due to their ignorance. Obviously except few most of us only watch channels available in India and know not how the telecast is made elsewhere. Our ignorance is en-cashed by TV operators; they feed higher doses of advertisement to garner more and more revenue and serving poorly to Indian watchers.

Of course; how they manage to hold to regulators asleep you know!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Online Bingo

Bingo; used to be a favorite game using printed tickets with random numbers in 5X5 sets, played in United States and Canada as the similar game ‘Housie’ was most popular in UK, Australia and New Zealand. This game alike other casino games attached no restriction and played by young and olds for thrill, fun and enjoyment. In fact if you have heard the game but do not know much about it; then please click into read more. Now online bingo has replaced printed tickets and has become accessible by all right from their drawing room. You will be surprised to know that global gross bingo yield in 2006 was US$500 million and reached US$1000 million by year 2010! In fact there are many online bingo sites now and they offer plethora of games with lot of thrill and enjoyment. If you are interested just click into the site : and know more about bingo. These online bingo sites offer free online bingo. You can play and win but without taking the risk of losing money from your pocket. You learn the game, enjoy the thrill and earn the prizes. Online bingo offers generous jackpot prizes. There is no parallel casino game like bingo, some says. There are many reliable online bingo sites where you can register and play free bingo. Just enter into and find more.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oxycontin Detox

Drug or alcohol additions, substance dependence are evils of modern society. Millions of people are addicts in one form or other in United States alone. They not only face impending peril for themselves but their families also suffer from devastation. It is stupendous task to free them from clutches of their addictions and restore back to normal life. Very few can recover from their addictions or dependency on their own. But they are rare. Many requires help to detox and recover fully from drug, alcohol addictions or substance dependence. Blue Water Detox in Delray Beach Florida offers most luxurious treatment for detoxification and recovery to those who need. They offer treatment to in-patients or out-patients with same expertise. They accept insurance of Oxycontin Detox. Oxycontin is the brand name of Oxycodone HCL, a synthetic painkiller, highly addictive and grossly abused for its euphoric effects. It has become a serious public health hazards off late. Many rehab centers offer detoxification and recovery treatment for Oxycontin but their rate of success is very low. Blue Water Detox can claim to have very high rate of success in this treatment. Their expert and sympathetic staffs treat the patients most carefully for their Oxycodone Withdrawal Symptoms. This is very crucial as the withdrawal symptoms may be very traumatic. But smooth passing through that ensures speedy recovery and restoration of normalcy in life style. If you are interested to know more about Oxycontin addictions; how they are taken and what are the early signs to identify the addicts; just log into site clicking into given links and find detail information about it. However, Blue Water Detox treats the addicts of all sorts starting with Drug Detox, addressing the withdrawal symptoms; followed by counseling. In the process they ensure full recovery. If you are one who needs treatment or anyone , your near and dear, needs treatment; just click into the site for more information.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers or the Wofford Terriers

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ticket America

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