Wednesday, July 4, 2007

CHITTARANJAN IN 50s PT.........2


You all; last time I ended where I stepped out to my first school. Way back in 1958-59 the climate there was not what you find in recent past.

The township was in the making, the greenery was offing. The rough and less green township was having a sort of extreme climate. May be with the greenery, later changed the climate turning it more comfortable.

Usually in those days very few of us were using shoe or chapple; unless it was a special day like 26th Jan or 15th Aug or school sports day. Bare footed as usual we use to play at adjoining school ground, closed to the Srilata Institute. In winter, the school going business in the morning was really very disgusting. My father who used to go to the workshop by cycle usually offered me the lift. However our primary school was devoid of a game teacher or any other paraphernalia like foot ball, rackets or to name anything of that short. The Tiffin was provided free of cost and that was truly interesting. Usually it use to comprise two items. One could be fruit other sweet meat. I doubt still those school provide anything free of cost. And the school dress! That was also provided, made of khadi and only to the wards of railway staffs who were deemed to be poorly paid. That created the class difference, sons of railway men of higher categories, were not justifiably given the cheap quality Khadi dress, they could afford better quality dress on their own. But on the day of distribution, they usually became a deprived lot, knowing not what made them ineligible for brand new dress. After all that was not the age to understand the rank and file.

Many of you know area 6 , called Thatani shed ! Is it? You know, it was one Sindhi contractor whose name was Mr Thatani, initially he put up his godown there while construction of the township and the factory shed was on. He left in early 50s, but his name remained. He was called Thatani Shett, it turned Thatani Shed !

In 50s, like Pursi`s many men were named after his trade. Have you heard of Radio Banerjee or Mike Ghosh or Patha(he-goat)Chakraborty! Perhaps the first and only radio shop was owned and run by one Mr Kanai Banerjee, who use to never part his umbrella, so he was popularly called either Radio Banerjee or Chata Banerjee; So the guy who was renting out his Loud Speakers for any occasion, he was named Mike (loud speaker) Ghosh and the person who was selling meat at Amladahi Market thus became Patha Chakraborty. Till 80s I found his sons were selling Meat in the market.

It was common sight that bullock carts carrying coal through the streets and selling them to households.

Simjuri, New hospital colony ( then known as Gadda colony), now where the English Medium School stands, in front of KG Hospital , all were put up their places in mid 60s. In fact , where the entrance of the English Medium School, a rikshaw stand use to be there. There was no boundary wall around the Hospital initially, much later it was constructed.

Many of you know that our First Air Force`s Chief was Subroto Mukherjee. Do you know his sibling Prasanta Mukherjee was General Manager in CLW ? I still remember him, he was seen in every functions those days, presiding over it. The Meghnad Saha Challenge Shield Tournament (knock out foot ball tournament match) was truly popular. Mostly the matches were held on Saturdays and Sundays. The spectator’s applause was audible from far distance. On the field there were some popular characters, among them I still remember, a man in his 50s, shabbily dressed with glasses on odd frame (even then!), used to shout and guide every player of his favaurite team. No one could stop him shouting, it was rather hysterical shouts!

Well even in this short span of time I received feed back from many of you that encouraged my writing.

Keep it up and keep well, best wishes for all of you, see you next time.

Arabinda Da



Notu said...

The gentleman used to shout in the field was Bose Da, Dont forget to mention the name of Paul Da, commonly known as "Dokhel Paul". Continue the story --- I like it. Take care.

Abeer said...

Arabindo'da i will wait till my period comes
Thanks a lot to share such a wonderfull feeling


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