Friday, July 6, 2007


Those days in early 60s at Chittaranjan was swayed with some activities, specially for we children. I do not know how many of you have heard the name of Swopon Buro, who established SOB PEYECHI R ASHORE; it was brought in by one Instructor of our Technical School. The person was very well natured, tolerant and obviously gentle man, his name was Mr Abani Ghosal (there are still his wards serving and staying at Chittaranjan). We all loved him so much and called him Master Mashai, his daughters and sons also with us and we all joined the SOB PEYECHI R ASHOR. Those days were truly golden days of Chittaranjan. The Ashore had all the activities mental, physical, cultural under it`s umbrella. Many young men joined Master Moshai in his pursuit. They trained us in games, cultural activities, music, songs even helped us with our school home tasks ! Can you imagin ever there was a club like that at Chittaranjan, where the number of participants were more than few hundreds. It continued for 3-5 years, perhaps till 1964 or 65. Cursed we were, our beloved Master Moshai committed suicide one day; with him all were lost. I was still at my teens, and that was the first experience of mine that one whom I loved, respected lay dead with a deep black mark around his neck. I wept in solitude, ensuring none watches me. Since I was considering myself an adult.
With Mashter Moshai, I remember, our Sisir Da, Bor Da ( who was equally popular, I never saw him again), Bhuban Da, Tapan Da( an army deserter, who left us in very short notice ,asArmy detected him) who all use to train us, play with us, teach us. May be few are still around.
Every year we had our annual program at Robindra …..(near Sur O Bani), annual sports at Srilata Ground; we enjoyed those occasion utmost and always look forward to them. I played my first drama over there, HOBU RAJA GOBU MANTRI, I played the role of Mantri.
I do not know ,who all took part with me in that drama , are where now!
Those were the days of our growing, by the time I joined D V Boys, in 1964, our Class VI, was adjoining to the extreme eastern side, closed to toilet. There was a tamarind tree what had enough patience to withstand our pelted stones. At times it offered some of it`s most sought after fruits too!
Do how is it? Did you see that tamarind tree? Let me know/


Prashanti said...

Ravindra Manch was the notable sites for most cultural activities - I remember the celebrations around Teacher's Day! Oval was the other such site - but was more exciting on Jan 26th than Aug 15th with the parade.

In Amladahi - Children's park was the center but what attracted crows was the flower garden - along with the RPSF celebrating JAnmashtami. Not to mention the occassional Bal-Mela with the toy train and the mechanical elephant rides.
I lived in CRJ from late 70's to early 80's and have seen the evolution of the town. But, Vishwakarma Puja actually gave a glimpse into what the town is based on - the Karkhana.
It is one town where during any puja - you turn around and all you see is friends irrespective of how think the crowd is. Someone said - and people treat you like you never left. I have not visited the town in a decade now. But the fond memories did get refreshed after reading the blogs.

Thank You Sir for posting your memories to share with the CRJ-lovers.

deadlymanish said...

yes dada, the tamarind tree is still thr and still thr r kids trying thr luck pelting stones for a handful.