Sunday, September 16, 2007

इन्देपेंसेंस DAY

The besic concept `We` the Indians` is yet to derive with it`s full consistency. During peace time the concept of `we Indians` is found only at the time of cricket matches otherwise while we are on war. It is a country sub-divided by various cultural, ethnic groups of people. Whoever rules the roost wherever is independent there; rest all of us are subjects of the system i.e independence of Indian Varity

Our independence is a fall out of British as well as all the colonial power`s prolong engagement in two world wars. Local uprising of various forces with vested interests under the leadership of mostly ambitious and self interested leaders (most of them had feudal back grounds) added the momentum. Remember it is not only India, many other colonies is Asia and Africa became independent in post 2nd world war era . Out of them , only Singapur has excelled far and it was possible for it`s small size and self less leader.

Yes, you said rightly the socialistic attitude was taken by our first P.M, Neheru; but for whom? Was it for the people or to protect the interest of his preindependence mentors like G D Birla or Wadia or Tatas. His socialistic stands offered the Indian industrialist a monopoly and they made the best use of it. The 5years plan; yes about the plans , it is best said by Khuswant Singh, the bigger the plans the bigger the loots. The booty out the loots were kept the party funding steady and it still keeps so. Elections being the biggest drama in Indian democracy requires a lots of fund to keep the show going. Just see the simile; a government enjoys a tenure of 5yrs so the 5yrs plan! Let me take the opportunity to recall Mr, R K Karanjia`s weekly ` The Blitz`, in 70s, it`s every weekly edition carried an article ` India`s do nothing projects`, elaborating in details of several loots in the name of projects under 5yrs plans.

You know even the Mahabharat will fall short in size if independence in India is analyzed . I can not help admiring the war time British Prime Minister Churchill’s far sight, who during the arguments in British Parliament said about giving freedom to India `give them freedom, the men of straw will take over, they will fight with each other to fill in their own coffers`. We who are born after independence are the witnesses of his forcast.

Yes , we have advanced in many areas, industries, trade but they mostly are out come of individual effort. You can not imagine Infosys without Mr Narayanmurthy or Wipro without Azim Premji.

They made their way on their own; not like Ambanis, for decades have been reared and nurtured by ruling party and their high commands. Though their current generations are showing sign of some business acumen, may be the effect of Havard`s schooling.

Well for the day, this is enough. At last I must mention that Indian freedom during last decades is evident in the freedom of media, which off course can not be denied. So, this is a ray of hope what can`nt escape notice. But again for whom ? Only10-20% of Indians have the fruits of it and surprisingly even media fail to achieve much because of our thick skinned political creatures who put rhino ashamed!

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