Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bio-Fuel : Palm Oil

The overwhelming enthusiasm for bio-fuel to counter the demand of fossil fuel and use something environment friendly, is not all that going well. Last month British Prime Minister Mr Gordon Brown changed the rule that in UK 2.55 % bio-fuel to be sold in Britain for petrol and diesel. There is a report the Greenpeace activists staged a protest dressing orangutans to protect the tropical rain forests and drying out the peat lands in Malaysia. Where to augment the cultivation of palm oil the rain forests are being devastated. As per Greenpeace this harming the environment by releasing carbon dioxide.

Palm oil was introduced in Malaysia in 1910 by a Scotsman. This oil even few years ago use to be major edible oil specially for the poor, it was very cheap in comparison to other edible oils. It is also used to make soap and finally found fit for biofuel. As it promised a clean , green and alternative to petrol. This caused a price hike to near about 70% over the last year. The price hike is blamed by some section of people for major price hike in other food grains too.

Malaysia produce half the world`s entire produce of palm oil. But nothing appears to be clean and green.

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