Friday, June 20, 2008


There are lots of debates on over the use of cell phone for years. There is some evidence available that it may cause brain cancer. Not only that, it affects that part of the brain which remains in the side the user usually hold the phone. Recently in Britain extensive research is undertaken to find the facts. It is likely to take few years, since the use of cell phone is hardly a decade old. The industries concerned, in the mean time, fearing any adverse report in the pipe line, are making the hay while sun shines. Cancer the dreaded disease is yet to find a remedy. The research is on all over the world, some breakthrough is made time to time but no proper cure is found yet.

Like many inventions that took place, while searching for something else, such as x-ray; a wonder drug for cancer seems to have been found out in India. It is in the north-eastern part of India, in the province of Manipur, the scientists have identified finally and gave name of a plant, traditionally called `Kam-sabut `, which claims to be able to cure cancer. The plant belongs to the Euphrbia ceae family but was of a new specis and a new name Croton Caudatus Geiseler has been given to it by Botanical Survey of India, Shillong following submission of a research report by Manipur University research team.

The Columbian traditional healers use extracts of Euphorbia ceae of 10 species to treat ulcers, cancers, tumors, warts and other diseases. A tribal Mr Chawlien Hmar, from local Hmar tribe, 82 years old had cancer. He was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor growth on his neck and suggested operation. The poor man due to lack of money and out severe pain, turned to the plant. This caused the chance discovery of cancer cure. He found the pain disappeared and the swelling on the neck subsided. The local doctors surprised by the miracle. The news spread and finally ushered a new hope. People from all over and neighboring states are making bee line for the cure. The plant has been renamed Chawlien Damdei and the researchers are scrambling to unravel its secrets. The Institute of Bioresource and Sustainable Development in Takyelat, Imphal and Manipur University’s life science department has set up Chawlien Cancer Medicine Research Agency. They are mulling with the idea of taking patent of the plant. So may be the final answer of cancer is on the way.

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