Monday, September 1, 2008


In a recent move, Indian human resource minister, Mr, Arjun Singh promulgated a fresh bill that reservation should apply to the member of faculty in all government educational institutions even in premium institutions like IITs or IIMs! Here the ruling parties’ president, being self form a European country advocates the applications of reservations in corporate or private jobs as well. The vehement opposition by different industry leaders on any such move and a threat to move out elsewhere, if they are forced to recruit substandard staffs; for time being it is sent to cold store. All the chambers of commerce declared in unison that Indian government should take care of backwards in macro level for improving their lots, instead of pushing and absorbing them in government organization and educational institution, resulting poor quality and demoralizing the deserving lots. This hampers all the way national interest. It is well known that such policy is not sustainable in national interest, resulting in poor performance of most of the public sector industries, even its defense forces; the policy makers irrespective of their political identity (surprisingly no political party ever opposed or criticized it!) continue to ensure its expansion and existence till the dooms day! How the implications of such policy; you go to a government hospital, check up the doctor`s name, if it is suggestive that he belongs to reserved category, your confidence on him is lost. Possible you seek change or if affordable consider leaving the hospital. So, with the governmental jobs, here again, it is as if a pride of lions are commanded by a lamb; in most of the departments. As you know what happens when boss is sub- standard than his subordinates, the work culture goes to dock; what exactly happened with almost all the government offices besides thriving corruptions, maladministration have left the public at large to fend for themselves. Nowhere like , India, politicians are marked crooked , being loyal to only their self interests, neither to nation nor even to the political party they belong! It is accepted norm of politicians floating a fresh political party or shifting the loyalty to other, even to the party they were in opposition, in case their personal (in guise of political) interest is harmed. Have you heard anywhere in the world just apprehension of defeat in ensuing election, the leaders in power that be, amended the constitutions reducing the age limit to 18 years from 21 years to enjoy the voting right? It is in unparallel India, where rate of literacy was minimum then, even now and people at their teens can hardly be expected making a political concept. Who cares? The number counts, not even a single political party ever opposed it.

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