Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Wayward Children

Lack of parental care harms to the full blown growth of their child to what extent, one has to see to believe it. The orphans do not have their parents. Whether are they are raised in a orphanage or on the streets, they grow like their alike amidst of them. So at orphanage, the only difference is under supervision of nurses and teachers they grow better, disciplined and balanced. But the children who are growing under the most uncaring and negligent parents are the worst suffers. Because of presence of their parents prevents others to interfere. Neither have they belonged to streets nor to home. At school most of these children are worst performers and keep very low profile. They are introverts. In the initial stages it is very difficult to separate them from others of their age group. Problems become visible in at their teens and it aggravates fast. If the care is taken even at the initial stages, it results better in reforming. Later it becomes almost impossible, most of them turn psychic patients. Their thought process is affected; they utterly lack concentrative abilities, ambition, goal et al. Their behaviors visibly change fast, making them whimsical, arrogant, forgetful and restless. At this stage the parental attentions are drawn by their acts which is mostly unruly and indiscipline. The parents of these boys are usually busy professionals, drunkards or busy in pursuing their own goals, sparing least time with their children. The problem becomes more acute with modern day `one child per parent’ family. With none to take care in their absence at their home these children have fend for themselves. Not many can afford to employ a nanny or governess for their brooding child. After school these kids remain all alone in their home or apartment with none to take care of them. Well mother may ring them up for few minutes just to confirm if they are back and taken the food etc. They miss the parental care so much that it impairs their balanced growth.
Tired parents after their long office hours, fail provide the company what a child needs, knowing not the future implications of their acts. Sooner the kids foot on their teens voice their dissatisfaction. Mostly they are cowed down by scolding or threat only to let them burst abnormally later. In the metro cities like Kolkata in any middle class locality number of such cases is growing with such families. The parents of these children shake off their responsibilities stating their busy life or professional engagements. But that does not provide the remedy. Delay in taking proper psychological care for their suffering child (what is usual) , turns the matter worse.
May be this is another curse of modern consumer society where we live for ourselves not even for our wards!

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