Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama in Bush !

There has been a short break from blogging for me. The reason for this I have explained in my other blog BUGULE. In case you are interested you can have look there. What I gathered from this short break is the current hot selling topics in the web marketing while global recession is setting in. In US and other developing economies lot many people are considering going for insolvency for their unpaid loans. The avenues available for them better than bankruptcy is the point of hot discussions. Many individuals and agencies are entering into this business; with a license from the concerned authority they are acting as debt consultants. Even for the lenders they show the way; that where the recovery of their funds is remote possibility, there are alternatives available for them to get back some of their money at least.
US housing scam deluged their own banking system, towing others too. The measures of bailing out the faltering banking and insurance majors, is appealingly temporary solution. None of them are getting doles, but loan on high interest. It is doubtful that they will ever be able to repay their dues what will accrue interest @11%! Anyway there is no better face saving measure for the ruling US government, especially at the time of ensuing election. But Mr. Bush is leaving White House with Obama in a bush, if not in woods. It is a tough journey ahead.

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