Sunday, December 21, 2008

Economics and Politics

The current economical environment worldwide is not stable, whatever encouraging news may pour in. In India, our leaders and their Babus are all set to misguide the public in general as if everything is under control, the inflation, the industry and the growth story. But keep in your mind ,it is the poll ahead. So the rosy pictures are drawn to make you believe so you bring them back to power. The demand slump cut downs the price of goodies or consumer durables. The car price is low, the flat price is getting flatter, since there is no taker. Who are those investing in real estates? They are not looking for the roof over their heads but just perking their funds for faster and safer appreciation. So for you and me it may be the better time to look for a roof over head. But mind you , the flat which you and me can buy are not cheaper yet; neither the price of rice, wheat or vegetables or anything for our every day consumption. So keep your funds safe, may be there are far more grim days ahead! The interest rate on bank deposits are being lowered, so you turn to the capital market again. Sensex is looking up, probably some institutional investors being asked by the power that may be for jacking it artificially up till they can. Do not get caught in the trap.

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