Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Who the Pirates are?

A recent news attracted my attention regarding piracy off the Somalian Coast. In fact, off late there were lot of furor over sea piracy by Somalian pirates and world community taking cognizance of the alarming situation have stared patrolling the Somalian coast to safeguard their cargo ships, what are usually the pirate's targets. But the latest news from "The Independent" suggests that Somalian marine life is devastated by European nuclear dumps carried out stealthy. Since 1991, there is no government in Somalia, this offered a free hands for the European countries to get rid of their nuclear waste by getting them dumped off the Somalian coast. This is cheap, merits no compensation and done by Italian mafias secretly. Initially thousand of lives have been lost in the coastal areas of Somalia due to nuclear contamination . The radiation from nuclear waste caused havoc damage to the human and marine life . Looting of sea fishes by European trawlers from the Somalian coast has left it almost devoid of marine life by this time. The sea water contains heavy and toxic metals like lead, mercury and cadmium to dangerous level! Surprisingly this is known to the European Unions but they prefer to keep mum.

In Somalia, the pirates are considered as sea guards without their military uniform. Of course they agree there are real pirates with the sole purpose of looting but it all started to stop the loots by European community.

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