Monday, April 27, 2009


Till recently for me holidaying meant few days of outing for travel, rest and recuperation. Well, there are several modes of holidaying like visiting hill stations or sea-shores (beaches) and for more energetic and adventurers; wild life travel or adventure tourism. It came as a surprise when someone told me about ghost hunting tourism. In fact I did not attach much importance to it thinking it might be someone imaginative one’s brainchild to befool people like me. But recently a news paper report vouched for it and I came to know that there are many operators in tourism industry all over the world are gleefully arranging such tours.
There are many haunting castles spread across all over Europe, especially in Britain and East European countries. Each of those haunting castles has their own history to correlate the happenings and there are some records of them.
But in the other side of Atlantic Ocean i.e. America is not lagging behind for their tour operators to sell ‘haunting travels” packages on their own soil. Few famous spots are Decatur in Illinois, what is better known as “Hells Half Acre”; the place earned its ill fame for bootlegging, murders, prostitution, gambling and all the possible vices on the earth. The added feather in the city’s cap is that the city was built on native American’s burial ground. So, it remained haunted forever. Since 1994 the ghost tour programmes in Illinois is flourishing and visitors are neither disappointed. The state of Louisiana, California, San Jose and Massachusetts; all offer such haunting spots for ghost tourism. Sounds interesting? Search the web, you will find some tour operators offering several ghost tours.

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