Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pureit - Hindustan Lever in deep water!

One of the FMCG moguls Hindustan Lever has always been known to manufacture and market the fast moving consumer products like cosmetics, tooth paste, soaps, detergents and many more. In India and elsewhere they have wide network in marketing their products through their network. May be the wind of globalization tempted them to taste the water of other consumer ocean. With the well built brand-name they have, they have started with "Pureit", the water purifier. In all the metro, big, medium and small cities and towns, road shows with their newly launched products drew consumer's attention. I too was one of them in Kolkata. However buying one from one of their dealer, it worked well for first six months. But the trouble started when the battery ( the unit that filters the water) needed a change. Since that is to be replaced by the company itself, as it is not available in the market. I contacted their customer care (however the number is not toll free!), they assured me within 72 hours it would be replaced. In the mean time, the water filter unit "Pureit" stopped dripping any water, rather ran dry! Even after 96 hours there is no sign of their men to replace the unit. I rang up again to their customer service and sought a explanation. They failed to give any; not only that my further inquiry revealed that they don't have the contact number of any responsible executive of the company or the number of their franchise who is supposed to replace the battery!
This the new business venture of Hindustan Lever,that translated to be adventure with bad experience for consumers. They sell soaps and face cream, they sell well, do good business. Why that did not satisfy them is their business; but taking consumers for a ride with their "Pureit" demands an explanation.

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