Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joy Ho India!

The task of new government in India right now, to meet the expectations of the public. In a country where once a PM told that only 10 per cent of the funds allocated by government for development of public projects really reaches to the public or purpose. Late Rajiv Gandhi, was the PM and he belong to the party which rules now with almost absolute majority. His widow Mrs Sonia Gandhi is the President of the ruling Congress party, can she lead the party, the government to meet the goals it promised before poll.

In Indian democracy, with its unique structure and arrangement, gives freedom to a Cheif Minister of State to spend exchequer's money for putting up her statues all over the states! Unthinkable in any democracy of the world; but here it is a happening thing!So there are many such incidents taking place all over the land of hungry millions; who cares!
Let us see what budget offers/

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