Sunday, July 12, 2009

Psychosomatic Disorder

Have you heard the term “psychosomatic”? Probably not; if you are not a doctor or in the allied field. This very word originates from Greek word, without getting into nitty gritty it means physical ailments originated from psyche or mind. It means stress may cause several diseases and that is scientifically proved now. Several studies have found the roots of many diseases are within our mind. The stress of day to day life, the unhappy family life, problematic parents, spouse may damage out body metabolism and trigger off certain diseases. In fact emotional stress may cause damage to the person’s immune system and that opens the gate to other ailments. In fact the physical symptoms of psychosomatic trends are visible and merits immediate attentions and treatment to avoid further complications. Unfortunately many still considers these problems are imaginary or can take of themselves. So, these symptoms remain uncared, untreated and despite of early signal many serious illness cannot be avoided.
Let me explain it how. In fact psychosomatic conditions effect differently from person to person. The continuous stress in mind may increase blood pressure to someone but to some other one it may damage the heart or digestive system. In all the cases it may lead to disaster like strokes, heart attacks or liver failure.

Psychosomatic disorders may occur when one goes through continuous stressful condition for a long time. One may suffer from this condition for years with a self destructive attitude or negative attitude towards self. Surprisingly , many of us do suffer from that , even if you don’t think you are one, look around you , there are one out three adults in busy city life.
Giving a patient friendly ear may reduce their stress level; help them whenever possible.

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