Saturday, October 3, 2009

International Elder's Day

As a kid the company of my grandpa or Granma was truly a matter of fun and pleasure. Never had I imagined how it would be when I attain their age. These days in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata hardly I find the kids in company of their grandpas or Grandmas; instead they seemed to be either towed by their mother or tagged with their father. Not that all the kids have lost their grandparents but definitely lost them from their company. Modern parents do not like their kids to remain in company of elderly people as they think this may drive their wards backwards. After all elders are from older generations. I read about such parental philosophy decades ago prevailing in developed countries like US or some European countries. Looking closer to their social and family networks now I find they no more consider it was right. The elders in most of those countries are neglected now; most of them were modern parents then!
1st of October; my attention was drawn towards an advertisement in the morning newspaper. The ad was not given by any commercial organization but the social welfare department of national and state government. It reminded that the 1st October is being observed as ‘Elder’s day’. Well, the modern consumer oriented society have gifted many days like ‘Teacher’s day, Father’s day, Mother’s day and not to speak of ‘Valentine’s Day’ and they are much hyped by markets. As the market urges to celebrate the occasion with various gifts so the recipients as well as the market remain happy. Contrary to this, the’ Elder’s Day’ ad was not at all hyped by the market; it appears market expects no much of business from this. Hence the market remains cold on this day and so the elders!
All over the world the geriatric populations are increasing in numbers rapidly. The modern medicine is stretching the life span without supporting them. Ironically the life span in most developed countries and extreme underdeveloped countries are quite high; for the former of course because of geriatric care, social security etc. and for the later poorer the development lesser the pollutions; so lengthier the life. Whether long life is a curse or bliss is altogether a different question; thought I still ponder for the answer.
However there is silver lining in the cloud as I found that hoteliers and restaurateur’s association in my city (Kolkata) has decided to offer discount in the current festive seasons on the hotel or restaurant bills of any family accompanied by elder members! Fishing in troubled water; is it!

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