Monday, October 19, 2009

Nationalised Banks are turning their staffs bankrupts!

There are many who think the employees in banking sector are elite group of workers, getting thick pay packet every month comparing to their peers elsewhere. In fact; the undercurrent is envious sometime and becomes evident when irate customers pass casual remarks like ‘got a king’s job and its inherent right to harass us’! Well cause of their frustrations is understandable, but now they too can cheer since the bank’s staffs are most meagerly paid amongst Govt. Organisations or any Central or most of the State Govt. undertakings. Surprised! But it is true.
Mind you as of now; a General Manager in nationalised bank draws a salary lesser than that of a Section Officer of Central Government! A Probationary Officer of Bank gets lesser salary than a Clerk of Central Government and a Bank Clerk draws lesser than a Peon of Central Government. Most of the State Government employees of similar status enjoy emoluments far better than their counter parts in Banking Industries.
This all is happening while Banking in India is most profitable industry. In all parameters this industry has been doing exceedingly well; be it profitability or productivity. Even with their proposed hike of 17.5%, if agreed by the Government, they will still be placed in the lowest rung in terms of salary amongst all Central, State Government staffs.
The ills of the disparity is already visible, the Banking industry is failing to attract the required level of merits for its work force. Obviously, the more deserving candidates prefer better salary with lesser responsibilities. Greater the responsibilities better the salary- that’s the rule of the game all over the world. But except in Rajiv Gandhi’s great India, bigger the vote bank better the pay package is popular practice of our leaders. But will this be able to pull the nation to desired goal with its financial backbone nursed by third rated merits leading anemic workforce!

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