Friday, December 18, 2009

Nationalised Banks in India

Days are changing fast; the pace seems sometime out of many's reaches. Specially the functioning of some of government's organizations have gone under a sea-change. Though it may not be evident sometime to public. Not all the changes are healthy though most of them are likely to be. Don't you find the change in the working style of our nationalized banks? They are trying to match with their private or foreign peers. But what is unique about it, in private or foreign banks you mostly find the young and energetic staffs (though mostly outsourced) are manning the counters; on the contrary in our nationalized banks, the gray haired, aged, sometime with trembling hands are put behind the counter to cater the services. The customers expectations are also running high, so with the younger management staffs of the same banks. So, between demanding customers and inexperienced, young management staffs, the workmen of our nationalized banks are reeling. Unions,once omnipotent in the industry, knowing well that their days are counted have taken a policy of wait and watch. There is hardly any understanding between their members and leadership. Most of the leaders are politically biased, they look more for their political interests than those whom they represent!
The best solution is to offer those employees, a respectable exit option, keeping their social security in mind. They should be assured, they will get the benefits of any further agreement taking place till they would have served have they not opeted to exit. The older staffs may be replaced with younger generations who can match the demanding customers and management equally.
But who is listening?

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