Thursday, May 27, 2010

Be Watchful; INVESTORS

The current turmoil in international markets are felt in Indian burses too. The recent Euro crises in Greece and and on going out break of Euro crises in Spain ( as expected) is creating tremor in global financial market. With Euro losing ground and dollar gaining strength; the gold price has sky rocketed. As every time the stock price become unpredictable the investors turn to gold as safe bet. In India gold has larger role besides being investors choice. As the marriage season is ensuing the demand of gold for ornaments is rising so the price is getting an extra boost. However with the current ups and downs of stock market offers the opportunities to day traders to make quick bucks but it is not at all safe for ordinary investors. They better keep away and watch carefully the market trend. Though may investment gurus vow that international market hardly cast any effect on Indian market but it is doubtful how far they are reliable. In fact in past there are evidence that they advise for buy to off load their portfolios to cut down losses.

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