Monday, May 17, 2010

SAMSUNG.... the brand losing consumer's favour!!!!!!!

SAMSUNG; the name was not known even before ten years to many in India but now it comes in anyone's mind immediately after global giant like SONY, CANON or PANASONIC,so far consumer durables or electronics concerned. But as the meteor glows brighter for short time in the sky and travels faster across the sky but never last for eternity like stars so this brand is. SAMSUNG is losing its sheen and its Achilles heel is it's various service centers across the country, specially in the Eastern Sector. Numerous complaints are pouring in about the poor after sales service facilities provided by the company. Actually few are blemish about the products but all blame the service provided by the local service centers.
The complaints are about the inefficiency of service personals, non-availability of spares or more serious not attending the complaints at all. SAMSUNG and LG captured Indian market with their excellent customer care and after sales service. LG and several others are keeping it up but SAMSUNG is lagging behind; so losing the market share.

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