Friday, November 12, 2010

Biodeisel and Global warming

All over the world global warming and its associated affects like climate change, rise of seawater level due to melting of ice in Antarctic and Arctic continents; are matters of great concerns. Scientists predict within few decades (the opinion varies) coastal areas of many continents and subcontinents will be submerged under seawater like the mythological city Atlantis. Preserving forests with its greenery for the very cause of absorbing carbon- di -oxide and controlling industrial emission of toxic gasses along with carbon-di-oxide are the immediate steps advised by them. Most of the industrial developed countries are taking wily nilly, the measure to curb the emission. The world’s greatest polluter United States though forced others to take necessary measures to curb emission putting them under the threat of black listing for their imports; they themselves appears to be least interested to curb emission !   Developed nations in Europe have taken pioneering steps to curb emission in some cases exemplarily way. India, though late, but has risen to the cause of emission control. Under supervision of Pollution Control Board in various states and some time with the help of judiciary, environmental protection laws are being implemented. As in recent past, we saw a total switch over by private and public transports in city like Kolkata to permissible emission system. Mumbai, Delhi and other metro cities in India already adopted the policy earlier.

Now what is typical with Indian tradition is delay in introduction of Bio-fuel or Bio-diesel to curb carbon-Di-oxide emission. Carbon-di-oxide has been identified playing major role for global warming. In developed counties industrial and vehicular emission consist maximum amount of carbon-di-oxide. The pollutions control measures as recommended for different industries, if adopted conforming to the norms; help controlling toxic emission to the permissible limit. However, industries have to make additional investments for that. Emissions are mostly caused by burning of fuels to generate heat for running boiler, engines. Wherever diesel is used for generating energy; it can be mixed at least 20% bio-diesel. This help both way, it curb the oil import bills saving great amount of foreign exchange and curbing the emission of carbon-di-oxide to the extent of 50%.
You will be surprised to know all the major Bio-Diesel plants capable of producing 12 lakh tons of Bio-Diesel are closed now. In a recent judgment passed by the judiciary, in a case filed by all the oil refineries banned the use of bio-diesel .

It is all together a different matter why Judiciary passed such order; but why at all the oil refineries filed the case against use of Bio-Diesel as a mixer with diesel!

Now Biodiesel Association of India, with some of its eminent members, is going to convene a meeting on 19th November 2010 in Delhi.  The issues that impede the introduction of Biodiesel will be taken up with our Prime Minister Dr,Manmohon Singh for a favorable solution. Hope it works.

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