Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Crime and Punishment

Domestic crimes are on rise in the state of West Bengal as never before. In the northern states in India, cases of dowry deaths, rapes, kidnappings were rampant. A few years ago kidnapping became a sort of industry in Bihar, where people were joking the kidnappers may seek bank finances as the business seems quite lucrative! Though sporadic cases like 'Khadim-owner' did took place in Kolkata but they were mastermind and executed remotelyBut recent reports suggests domestic crimes like father killing son or husband killing wife are becoming almost every day affair. The sports enthusiast father killing budding table tennis player teen age son with table tennis bat stunned every Kolkatan. So the recent killing by Ex Airman father his minor son with bat in his apartment, apparently for misunderstanding with his wife who was staying separately. Are they symptoms of gross social discontent, mistrust ? Our state of West Bengal is witnessing steep rise of suicide cases and still more suicidal attempts.Surprisingly they are evident in all the levels. Forcing TATAs to abandon their 'Nano' project or stalling ongoing projects at Rajarhat or Sankarail! They seem no different than father killing son or instead mother does so to avenge the vendetta with her spouse ( read ruling or opposition political parties as befits).

History repeats itself as the old adage says. So the civilization; we came out of caves , formed societies leading to nations; tolerance was the key to cement our relations. Then survival was the prime consideration. Now power, so to grab power it seems all fair! This unrest in every level of our society is reflection  of discontents in every level.

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