Tuesday, January 11, 2011

No-takers for US H-1B Visa

11000, U.S H-1B visas remain unused for the first time ever. In fact there is no taker! The mandatory 65000 H-1B visa are most sought after for Indian professionals seeking jobs in U.S. This visa is non-immigrant visa in United States that allows US companies to employ foreign employees in special categories.

In 2008 the picture was different. By April the quota was exhausted and USCIS resorted to computerized draw to determine lucky ones eligible for visa. Last year the the cap was reached by 21st December.

There was steep hike in visa fees from $320 to $2320 by Obama government. This has been done to garner $650million to hike security budget in US- Mexico border. The move was not welcome by Indian IT companies. They raised concern over the issue but failed to deter American policy makers.

There is other story circulating like this that Obama government is covertly encouraging protectionism. Not anymore small and medium companies are getting visa. The bigs are spared so the fall in demand H-1B.

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