Monday, March 14, 2011

Enacash Tsunami !!

Indian stock market is confused due to one after another global developments as political crises in Egypt, Libya followed by many other small countries in Africa and middle east. As usual immediate result is reflected in oil price soaring high. The Global market has been waiting apprehensively to what happens next. But contrary to the direction of expectation, came the bolt from blue, Tsunami in Japan ,leaving it in devastating stage. what is further shocking, the damage of nuclear plants! Reports suggest that Japan is worst hit than ever. So the Japanese economy too; the market waits anxiously, the indexes are plunging all over and India is no exception.

Here I remind you lessons from history. Though it's ironical but global economy always looked up after the destruction or damage due to war or natural calamities. As immediate after the chaos is over the reconstructions start. Of-course this depends upon individual countries economical health. But Japan being one of the most developed nations; for reconstruction their import bill will rise considerably for next couple of years. Mind you Japan is advance in technology but with poor resources of raw materials. Investors may look for those stocks engaged in the business matching Japan's import lists. Like iron, coal or other minerals and  finished products like garments and leather goods they import.

Mind you this blogger has been recommending silver purchase in any form for the past four to five years , check out with the articles in this blog under 'economy'. They were perceived even before 2008 global melt down. Now it's reality; the current silver price is INR 54000/- and so anywhere in the world. Keep watch for further dip; start picking those chips at a price as low as possible and wait for mid to long term. I assure they will boom, though not as much as silver. Even you can still invest in gold or silver, they are promising for ever.

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