Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sedition or Subversion!

Dr. Binayak Sen has been granted bail by Supreme Court on 15 Th April 2011. That happens to be Bengali New Year day; Dr. Sen being Bengali what better gift be their than this for freedom loving Bengali all over the world. Dr. Binyak Sen is a pediatrician and a social worker. Leaving the material charms that a doctor of his standing enjoys in cities and towns, he had been serving the poor tribal of Chattisgarh adjoining Bilaspur areas. Chattisgarh state brought the charge against him that he had connections with infamous Naxal leader Mr, Narayan Sanyal and literature related their ideology found in his residence. So the charges of sedition was framed and in the lower court he was awarded life imprisonment. The Chattisgarh High Court turned down his bail application during the pendency of his appeal against lower court's verdict. At last in Supreme Court the justice could be found at least for time being. The division bench judges observed “He may be a sympathiser. That doesn’t make him guilty of sedition”. The famous lawyer Mr. Ramjethmalani who stood on behalf of Mr. Sen observed “I have never seen such oppression form the State government. This literature what they call sedition is available in the market”!
Dr. Binayak Sen seems to have awaken the government to review its colonial law of sedition. Union law minister Veerappa Moily hinted to review the law. Well that we need wait and see how the law is drafted again. But what crosses our mind when they will draft another law to punish those in the government framing unethical charges to gag the mankind to voice his views!

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paneer said...

people like BSen does nt belong to any particular state or people.thts where their strength lies...