Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL; Customer Care!!

Amongst the Government organization underwent divestment and a move towards corporatisaton or privatisation; the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited or BSNL and its subsidiary Calcutta Telephones are faring worst towards providing quality service. So is there customer care! Way back in 2005, when Calcutta Telephones was marketing their newly introduced broad band service with tall promises., I was one to subscribe for that. Though I have never found the promised speed what I pay for; but accepted as a matter of fact in terms of 'Indian standard '. On queries I was always told the fault lies with the cable laid and will improve when cable is changed. Further they added when they switch over to optical fiber the service would improve many folds.

I know not if they ever switched to optical fiber till recently. On 20 th May 2011 , in the evening my broad band connection went out abruptly; the error report showed error no.651; representing disconnection to server. I tried to contact Calcutta Telephones IVR fault booking system with my local telephone exchange i.e 264 2198; booked fault for broad band fault and got a docket number. Next day somebody from exchange rang up and said since the fault lies with the internet , they have nothing to do! He offered to be bit helpful by providing another phone number to contact. I was surprised and asked why doesn’t do that himself! He flatly declared that's not his job! I was really amazed with customer care of Calcutta Telephone and surmised they still manage to survive in the free market situation.

Not being deterred I rang up to another customer care number of BSNL's , that is 1500. More surprise was waiting there for me. In the labyrinth of various numbers in IVR system, when I finally put my faulty broad band's telephone number; the IVR responded ' there is no broad band service registered with this number'! The same IVR, 1500 offered another slot to register numbers for new broad band connections. Considering that they might have overlooked my number while giving me service few years back; why not register it myself! I did that, another surprise! IVR responded this time , my number already is in their records and further they mentioned the date of service given!

As of now , to day it is 22nd May and now it is 1700 hours; being Sunday , there is no hope of attending any fault; my broad band still lies out of order. I am looking for other service with better customer care and quality. Any suggestion? My BSNL or Calcutta Telephones phone number is 2564 6540.

Finally as I conclude this article to post since the BSNL's broadband service has been restored after more than 96 hours on yesterday 23rd May 2011. There was no natural calamity, no Tsunami or earthquake;so they seem to have broken all time record to restore the service!! Thank God!1

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