Monday, August 8, 2011

Rains at Chittaranjan !!

Getting wet while going to school was really pleasant, I always considered to be lucky as and when it used to happen. Of course there was reason behind it. At our school hardly holidays were declared on rainy days instead those of us got drenched were spared from attending the school and sent home! For us they were rainy days. I still remember during sporadic rains; the rush in toilet! When rain was hardly sufficient to drench enough to merit off from the classes; people rushed to toilet , to get wet with tap-water! I always used to be one of first few. I never liked the detention in class room through out my schooling days; ever since I attended my teens. So, rainy season every year used to bring few blessed days for me and few others. Not that getting relieved from the classes I used to rush back home. There were few dams at our neat town Chittaranjan; at least one of them was quite suitable for swimming. We made the best use of that . I am not sure these days,boys are still interested to swim skipping their classes. Not likely , they must have better options like swimming in swimming pools. There were two of them in our time. One at officer's club, other was in Technical School. Both were beyond our reach in 60s and 70s. So there were dams! Far bigger, deeper and muddy than clean blue water in swimming pool's tank.

Ours were innocent rainy seasons but we enjoyed them. I still remember the sweet and pungent odor we smelled at Gul Mohur avenue under those row of Gul Mohur trees. No where else I got them ever!

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Santosh Pramanik said...

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